July 27, 2018. La Petite Mort’s Anthology of Erotic Esoterica. The Conservatory, Seattle, WA.

July 28, 2018. Ethnic Fest. Wright Park, Tacoma, WA.

July 28, 2018. Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine, Seattle, WA.

July 29, 2018. Blueberries and Blues. Charlotte’s Blueberry Park, Tacoma, WA. 

August 5, 2018. S3 Animal Benefit and Belly Dance Festival. Kent Senior Activities Center, Kent, WA.

August 7, 2018. Beats Redux. Ben Moore’s Restaurant, Olympia, WA.

August 10, 2018. Jamballah NW. Portland State University, Portland, OR.

Featured Photo by Scott Haydon Photography