Catherine Bird is a hoop dance instructor, fire and flow arts performer, and belly dancer based out of Tacoma, WA.

“Catherine is a great hooper and a wonderful teacher. She clearly puts a lot of thought into her classes, imparting important foundational lessons along with interesting and fun moves to keep us engaged. She is patient, encouraging, and loads of fun. I highly recommend her as a teacher and as a performer!”

Leslie from Tacoma, WA.

Taking a class with Catherine is pure joy! She is always bright and bubbly and extremely knowledgeable. She gives lots of good info and technique in a fun way. Even though you always get a good workout in, it feels more like just playing around. I recommend her classes to everyone ♡

Kendra from Tacoma, WA

Catherine is an amazing teacher. I learn so much from her classes and it’s an honor to be her student. She’s always willing to answer my questions and every class is fun! Highly recommend Catherine. 🙂

Kit from Tacoma, WA

“I take Hoop Classes with Catherine. She is absolutely amazing! Such a patient, caring and compassionate instructor. She does a phenomenal job at explaining complicated moves, and deconstructing them down so they are easy to understand and achieve. Catherine takes the time to work with each person individually and with a light and loving heart. … Continue reading Priscilla from Tacoma, WA

Priscilla from Tacoma, WA

Featured Photo by JC Photography