Priscilla from Tacoma, WA

“…I take Hoop Classes with Catherine. She is absolutely amazing! Such a patient, caring and compassionate instructor. She does a phenomenal job at explaining complicated moves, and deconstructing them down so they are easy to understand and achieve. Catherine takes the time to work with each person individually and with a light and loving heart. Every class is so much fun! I can’t wait to take her belly dance classes next! Dancing can be a vulnerable art. To have an instructor you feel safe with is what keeps me going.”

Tribal Fusion from Tacoma in Action!

High Dive

Love this shot from Skinny Dip Presents: Improvisation at the High Dive by Argent Rabbit Photography.

No class this week for Valentine’s Day but drop ins are still welcome at my Tribal Fusion Technique Class at Tacoma Dance Studios in Downtown Tacoma! Next week we will start delving into some slow vocabulary as inspired by the mama of tribal fusion Jill Parker. Please join us next Wednesday February 21st at 8 pm. Register now here.